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Stay Still! 

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Rock Solid! 

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An early start ensured a fruitful adventure this week, we headed to a spot that a member of our trio had explored a few days before.  Arriving somewhere new always seems to go so smoothly when accompanied by someone who has already paid a visit, we quickly made our way to the not so discreet entrance (if you know where to look) and entered with ease.  

This place has great vibes and we weren’t in a hurry to leave. After spending some time in here playing with light, making phone calls from the top of underground ladders and just hanging out, we decided to move on.

When searching for potentially interesting places to explore, looking at maps and trying to piece together locations from the vague references of other explorers is all good and well, but sometimes a stab in the dark pays off.

A calculated assumption landed us in this beautiful brick beast, I believe there is usually more water in here probably turning the floor into a thick, filthy sludge fest. My lens fogged up almost instantly and being so uncomfortable in the thick muggy air, inhaling tiny bugs by the lung load we exited after a short inspection.

We will return. 

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Brisbane Darkie 

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Early morning visit to the TV graveyard.

At a guess I would say there are tens of thousands of old unwanted televisions here. I remember being so excited to receive a second hand TV of my own when I was younger, never once did it cross my mind that it would end up rotting in a stack with its brethren waiting to meet the teeth of a rusty old car crusher. 

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